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1- Innovación

G Bottazzi , G. Dosia, M. Lippi, F. Pammolli and M. Riccaboni
Innovation and corporate growth in the evolution of the drug industry
Office of Health Economics
Las múltiples facetas de la innovación
Jeffrey L. Furman, Michael E. Porter and Scott Stern
The determinants of national innovative capacity
H. G. Grabowski and Y.R. Wang
The Quantity And Quality Of Worldwide New Drug Introductions, 1982–2003

2- Regulación de precios

Cheri Grace
Equitable Pricing Of Newer Essential Medicines For Developing Countries: Evidence For The Potential Of Different Mechanisms
David Reiffen and Michael Ward
Generic Drug Industry Dynamics
Greg Hopkins
Does The Regulation Of Pharmaceutical Drug Prices Discourage Innovation?
Robert B. Helms
The Economics of Price Regulation and Innovation
Vicente Ortun
Patentes, regulación de precios e innovación en la industria farmacéutica
Nicola Lacetera and Luigi Orsenigo
Political regimes, technological regimes and innovation in the evolution of the pharmaceutical industry in the USA and in Europe.

3- Política

Steven Morgan, Ken Bassett and Barbara Mintzes
Outcomes-Based Drug Coverage in British Columbia
A. Anell and U. Persson
Reimbursement and clinical guidance for pharmaceuticals in Sweden
Antonio Cabrales
Pharmaceutical Generics, Vertical Product Diferentiation and Public Policy
European Observatory of Health Care System Series
Regulating pharmaceuticals in europe: striving for efficiency, equity and quality.
Donald WrightF
The drug bargaining game: pharmaceutical regulation in Australia

4- Competitividad

Alfonso Gambardella, Luigi Orsenigo and Fabio Pammolli
Global Competitiveness in Pharmaceuticals a European Perspective
High Level Group on innovation and provision of medicines

5- Financiación

Aidan Hollis
An Efficient Reward System for Pharmaceutical Innovation

6- Miscelánea

JSB Intelligence
Strategic Analysis of the Pharma Market, Future Revenue Models and Key Players
Tomas Philipson and Caroline Dai
Between- vs.Within-Patent Competition
L. Orsenigo, F. Pammolli and Massimo Riccaboni
Technological change and network dynamics. Lessons from the pharmaceutical industry Lessons from the pharmaceutical industry
Donald W Light and Joel Lexchin
Foreign free riders and the high price of US medicines
David Reiffen
“Branded Generics” As A Strategy To Limit Cannibalization Of Pharmaceutical Markets

7- Otros

Comisión Interministerial de Ciencia y Tecnología
Programa Ingenio 2010
Innovative Medicines for Europe. Creating biomedical R&D leadership for Europe to benefit patients and society
Special EUROBAROMETER 224 “Europeans, Science & Technology”. June 2005
Corinne Autant-Bernard
Where do firms choose to locate their R&D? A spatial conditional logit analysis on French data.
Internal Co-ordination Group for Health (ICGH)
OECD Health Update No. 2 – January 2006
J.Owen-Smith, M. Riccaboni, F. Pammolli, W. Powell
A Comparison of U.S. and European University-Industry Relations in the Life Sciences
Gobierno Español
Anteproyecto de Ley de Garantías y Uso Racional de los Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios